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Tactical rifle scopes are amazing optics for military and law enforcement use. They offer precision, accuracy and reliability – making them popular with a wide range of shooters. From hunters to competition shooters, these scopes can be useful. Whether you’re new to rifle shooting or upgrading an existing weapon, it’s important to look at features to get the right one.

Shopping for a tactical scope can be daunting. This guide will introduce you to the types available and provide advice on which might suit you best. We’ll look at common features in high performance scopes so you can make an informed decision. Plus, we’ll explain why it’s important to consider high-end scopes when aiming for accuracy or range shooting. With this info, you can choose the right one for your needs.

Understanding Rifle Scopes

Are you new to guns or a shooting range pro? You know the value of having the correct tactical rifle scope! But, what actually is a rifle scope and which features do you need when shopping? Here we'll discover the different types of rifle scopes and how to pick the right one for you. Make the best decision with this knowledge!

Here are the different types of rifle scopes:

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Variable Power Scope
  • Fixed Power Scope
  • Night Vision Scope

When shopping for a rifle scope, consider the following features:

  • Magnification
  • Objective Lens Diameter
  • Reticle
  • Eye Relief
  • Durability

Defining a Tactical Rifle Scope

Having the right tactical rifle scope is a must for accuracy. To get the best scope, it's important to understand the types and features. Tactical rifle scopes usually have marked windage/elevation turret adjustments, adjustable parallax, illuminated reticles, and a wide field of view. They are made of aluminum or anodized aircraft-grade aluminum for superior shock absorption and durability. Tactical scopes also offer ample magnification to help the shooter acquire targets at mid to long-range distances.

Different variations of tactical scopes include:

  • Ones for precision marksmanship.
  • Ones for improved accuracy in bad weather.
  • Specialty scopes with extra features like zoom ranges beyond 20x.

The type of scope you choose depends on your shooting style and preferences. Check for accessories like sunshades or flip-up covers that come with the model or need to be purchased separately. Also, consider the type of mounting system you need – ring or stand alone. The right tactical rifle scope will help make each shot count!

Different Types of Rifle Scopes

When shopping for rifle scopes, there are a few factors to consider. Different activities require different magnifications and reticles. Air gun enthusiasts may need something else. Here's an overview of scopes:

  • Fixed Power Scopes: These are the most basic type. They come in 2x or 3x magnification. They provide a fixed distance from eye to target, perfect for open-country settings or target ranges without much elevation change.
  • Variable Power Scopes: Also known as zoom scopes. They work well for long-range applications with elevation changes. They let you adjust magnification quickly and easily.
  • Night Vision Scope: Great for tactical engagements or low light situations like night hunting. They use sensitive lenses that magnify ambient light, plus IR illuminators that work undetected in EMI environments.
  • Thermal Scope: Good for military operations requiring concealment and nighttime visibility at long distances. They use infrared sensors to detect warm bodies up to thousands of yards away without daylight or optics used with traditional optical rifle scopes.

Choosing the Best Tactical Rifle Scope

To ensure the best tactical rifle scope is chosen, consider various features:

  • Glass quality
  • Magnification range
  • Reticle type
  • Eye relief
  • Construction durability

Look into the details so the best decision is made.

Research and Reviews

Research is key when purchasing a tactical rifle scope. Find unbiased reviews and opinions, especially from experienced shooters. Start with manufacturer sites but also seek out detailed reviews from reputable third-party sources. Reviews should include info on the design and quality of the optical components. Only when you use the scope can you know how well it works in different weather conditions.

Consider your environment, topography and budget when making a decision.

To get an accurate evaluation, check if any service professionals have used it. Many gunsmiths offer services to help decide the best option for your shooting. Also, read review sites or visit forums specialized in optics talk to further inform your research.

Features and Specifications

Choose the right tactical rifle scope by considering several features and specs. First, decide which type fits your gun and shooting style. Do you need an illuminated reticle or not? The reticle are the crosshair lines inside the scope and it helps with accuracy. Make sure the reticle is clear and contrasts with the target.

Next, think about the magnification power. It determines the detail seen through the scope. Tactical scopes usually have 3x-9x, 3-9×40 or 4-12×50 magnification. Check if the mounts are compatible with your gun and can handle recoil.

Third, consider the field of view (FOV). It's how wide an area you can see from 100m away. Most FOVs range from 6ft@100yds – 20ft@100yds. Choose one that is suitable for different distances.

Lastly, check

  • glass quality,
  • lens type/color coatings,
  • parallax setting, and
  • cost/value against performance.

They all affect usability and quality!

Price and Budget

When buying a new tactical scope, it's important to consider your budget. Decide how much you can spend on the scope. You may find a good value in a less-expensive option.

  • Do some research and compare prices between brands and models.
  • Check if there are additional accessories needed like mounts, lens covers, or extra batteries. Consider those when calculating the overall cost.


In conclusion, the right tactical rifle scope for you comes down to your own needs and preferences. Magnification power, eye relief, reticle type and construction quality are all elements to consider. Cost is important, but not the only thing to think about. Do your research and use the criteria mentioned to find the perfect match.

Remember that this is a long-term choice. Buy quality up front as tactical rifle scopes can last for years with proper care. When you have picked out the right one for you, equip it correctly for years of successful accuracy in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a good tactical rifle scope?

A: A good tactical rifle scope should have a wide field of view, high magnification, good light transmission, and a durable construction.

Q: How do I choose the right tactical rifle scope for my rifle?

A: Choosing the right tactical rifle scope depends on the type of rifle you are using and the type of shooting you will be doing. You should consider factors such as magnification, field of view, weight, and eye relief when selecting the best scope for your rifle.

Q: What is the difference between a tactical rifle scope and a hunting rifle scope?

A: Tactical rifle scopes are designed for close-range shooting and usually have a wider field of view. They are also more durable and can withstand higher recoil. Hunting rifle scopes are designed for longer-range shooting and have a narrower field of view. They are usually lighter and more affordable than tactical rifle scopes.

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