The Top Hunting Rifle Scopes Get Ready to Take Down Your Next Big Game


Hunting with a rifle scope? Fantastic! Maximize your potential and take down your prey with precision. It's beneficial for both pro and amateur hunters.

Rifle scopes vary in magnification power and also have features like objective lens diameter, field of view, tube construction, parallax adjustment range, turrets, reticles, eye relief distance, brightness settings, and waterproof seals.

When selecting a scope, balance performance and budget. Here's a list of the best hunting rifle scopes on the market to help you get ahead of your next hunt!

What to Look for in a Hunting Rifle Scope

Buy a hunting rifle scope? Consider many features! Magnification, size, and construction – pick the best scope for the job. This section will guide you.

What to look for? Decide which rifle scope to purchase.


Shopping for a rifle scope? Consider magnification! Magnification is expressed as a ratio, like 4x or 8x. An object viewed on an 8x scope (at 100 yards) appears 8x closer. Ratios range from 2x to 25x and more. Longer distance shooting needs higher magnification while in-close scenarios require lower power.

Select a scope with the right magnification range and clarity. Adjustable objectives and parallax adjustment can help sharpen precision in long-range shooting.


When shopping for hunting rifle scopes, pay attention to the reticle. It is a sighting device, often a small crosshair in the middle of the scope. There are several types, like the duplex reticle with thick bars at the outer sides. It gives better visibility in low light and over long distances. The post reticle is also good for accuracy and extended distances. The German #4 Reticle has heavier outer framing and thin lines for windage and elevation points.

Illuminated reticles have LED lights and knobs to adjust brightness. They are more expensive but helpful for game animals in dark forests or by firelight.

Eye Relief

Choose a hunting rifle scope carefully! Eye relief is a must-have when hunting with heavy recoiling rifles. It's the distance from the eyepiece to your eye. Aim for 3.5-6 inches of eye relief for accuracy and safety.

When looking through the scope, check for a full image without any black edges around it. That'll help you pick the right scope with enough eye relief.

Also, having too little or too much eye relief can cause accuracy and safety issues. So, selecting a rifle scope that has the ideal amount of eye relief (3.5-6 inches) will ensure better accuracy and improved comfort while minimizing the risk of recoil-related injuries.

Parallax Adjustment

Parallax adjustment is important for a hunter aiming at a target. It helps the shooter focus their scope at a distance. There are two types of parallax adjustments: fixed and adjustable.

  • Fixed parallax settings are usually found on budget scopes, and have a set focal distance (commonly 100 yards).
  • Adjustable parallax offers more precision at any range.

Think about the size of the objective lens – a smaller one is fine for short range hunting, while a larger lens increase light transmission capabilities for long-distance targets. Lastly, decide what kind of reticle you like. Mill-dot and Minute-of-Angle (MOA) are two popular choices which offer fast targeting!


Choose a rifle scope that's made to last! Look for quality materials, like aircraft-grade aluminum or stainless steel. Plus, check for heavy-duty springs and shockproof lenses. Make sure your scope can handle the pressures of hunting, including varying temperatures and weather conditions. Opt for waterproof/fog proof models with sealed o-rings to protect against dust, debris and moisture. Your rifle scope should be able to take a beating in any environment.


Price is key when buying a new hunting rifle scope. Quality scopes don't come cheap. Research and compare prices first. Many online retailers offer discounts on high-end scopes. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Evaluate the features of each scope and decide which price and features match your needs. You can save more by bundling the purchase of the rifle and scope.

The Best Hunting Rifle Scopes

Hunting? Get the best shot! Get the edge with the right rifle scope. We've done the research for you. Check out the list of the best scopes. Spotting scopes, night vision – fit any hunter's needs. Let's explore top rifle scopes for hunting!

Nikon Prostaff 5

The Nikon Prostaff 5 is a hit with hunters of all skill levels. It's designed for long-distance shooting and accuracy. Features like the BDC reticle and side focus parallax adjustment help you quickly line up shots. The scope has fully multi-coated optics that reduce light reflection and boost light transmission, so you can easily spot your target in any weather or light.

It offers up to 4.5x zoom range and quick focus eyepiece for simple accuracy changes. It's waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, making it perfect for rugged hunting. With its tough construction and superior performance, you can be sure you'll be ready when the moment arrives – no matter the game!

Vortex Optics Crossfire II

Vortex Optics Crossfire II is perfect for big game or varmint hunters. It offers a great range of features, like Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Fully Multi-Coated Optical System. Plus, the 1″ tube construction is nitrogen filled for fogproof and waterproof performance.

Magnification ranges from 4–12x40mm to 6–24x50mm, with four types of reticles in either 2nd or 1st focal planes. Long eye relief gives you comfortable longer shooting sessions, and adjustable zero reset turrets come standard. All for an affordable price!

Vortex Optics Crossfire II has all the performance you need.

Leupold VX-3i

The Leupold VX-3i is a superior hunting rifle scope. It offers 3.6 inches of eye relief and a 3:1 zoom ratio for greater accuracy. Plus, its side focus parallax adjustment allows you to quickly focus the reticle in any light conditions.

Its lenses provide bright, clear images, plus the included Leupold Twilight Light Management System reduces glare and scattered light. The 30mm main tube is waterproof and made from one-piece to be extra sturdy. The 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum body makes it lightweight and durable.

It's reliable and comes with Leupold's lifetime guarantee, making it an ideal choice for hunters all over the world.

Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS

The Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS rifle scope is a powerful, high-precision tool. It's made specifically for long range tactical and competitive shooters. It has advanced illuminated reticle tech and the ThrowHammer Ballistic Engine. It offers 3-14x magnification, 42mm lens diameter, side parallax focus and fast focus eyepiece. This scope has great performance in extreme conditions.

The LRTS's illuminated reticle tech has ultra-precise adjustments of .25MOA or .5MOA per click. Plus, the elevation turret has hash-marks for easy zero resetting. The ThrowHammer Ballistic Engine makes long distance shots easier and more accurate. It calculates drops automatically.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS rifle scope is a great optic to trust for long range shots!

Burris Fullfield II

The Burris Fullfield II is a top hunting rifle scope. It's designed for varied conditions and applications. It boasts great features, like an illuminated reticle and multi-coat lenses. An adjustable objective helps focus from short range to 500 yards away. The reticle adjusts for perfect shots each time. The diamond-like carbon coating reduces reflection and allows light in. It's waterproof and fogproof with nitrogen-filled tubes for protection against dust, shock and environment elements.

Robust construction and great features make the Burris Fullfield II an ideal hunting scope for any skill level.


Researching hunting rifle scopes can be overwhelming. We've listed some of the top brands, zoom range, reticles, and lens coatings to make picking easier.

It's essential to mount and zero in your scope for accuracy. Failing to do this could lead to missing your target or worse, injury. So, make sure to mount and zero your scope before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best hunting rifle scopes?
A: The best hunting rifle scopes depend on the type of hunting you plan to do, your budget and the type of environment you will be hunting in. Popular options include Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II, Nightforce SHV, Leupold VX-3i, Burris Veracity and Bushnell Elite Tactical Illuminated BTR-2.

Q: What is the most important factor in choosing a hunting rifle scope?
A: The most important factor in choosing a hunting rifle scope is ensuring it has the right magnification power for the type of hunting you plan to do. You will also want to take into account the type of environment you will be hunting in, your budget and the scope's overall durability and weatherproofing capabilities.

Q: What should I look for in a quality hunting rifle scope?
A: When looking for a quality hunting rifle scope, you should look for features such as good light transmission, a wide field of view, superior clarity, multi-coated lenses, adjustable parallax, and a reliable reticle.

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