Upgrade Your Hunting Game with These Revolutionary Rifle Scopes


Hunting for an advantage? Rifle scopes can help boost accuracy. Here's an intro to rifle scopes and why they could be the perfect addition to your hunting gear. Read on to find out more about these revolutionary scopes and upgrade your hunting game!

Benefits of Using a Rifle Scope

A rifle scope can be a great tool for hunters. It can increase accuracy, provide precise targeting and range finding. You can make adjustments for distance and windage. This will let you dial-in your shot for the best results. The scope also gives you better visual acuity at long distances. Plus, they tend to be lighter than iron sights. This makes them perfect for long hunts without extra fatigue. And they are built tough for any environment.

So, you can use them for hard-core hunting with confidence:

  • Increases accuracy
  • Provides precise targeting and range finding
  • Can make adjustments for distance and windage
  • Better visual acuity at long distances
  • Lighter than iron sights
  • Built tough for any environment

Types of Rifle Scopes

Hunting game requires the right equipment. A rifle scope is one of the most important pieces of hunting gear. There are various types of scopes on the market. It's essential to understand the differences. Let's examine the types – from long range to night vision – and how they can enhance your game.

Fixed Power Scopes

Fixed power scopes are great for hunters seeking a reliable and durable sight. They usually have just one magnification level, e.g. 3x, 4x or 6x. Also, they are lightweight and don't need adjusting during shooting. Plus, fewer moving parts make them longer lasting. Fixed power scopes can be used on various guns, like handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Some of the most popular fixed power scope models are:

  • Tasco World Class 3-9X40
  • Bushnell Elite 4200 2.5-10X40
  • Nikon Crossbow Scope 3×32
  • Burris 536 Fullfield II 3-9X50

These scopes offer simple and efficient sighting to improve accuracy and precision on hunts or target practice. Their small size and light weight make them easy to carry. Whether you're an experienced hunter or just starting, fixed power rifle scopes are an affordable option to maximize performance.

Variable Power Scopes

Variable power scopes are the optics of choice for hunters and shooters. They can be adjusted to suit different shooting requirements. The most popular models range from 3-9x, 3-12x or 4-16x magnification. Higher magnification models are available too.

Before purchasing, consider:

  • Magnification,
  • Reticles,
  • Objective lens diameter, and
  • Adjustments.

Magnification is chosen based on application. Reticles come in several designs. Objective lens diameter affects image clarity. Adjustments include parallax, windage and elevation with laser engravings for reference measurements.

Tactical Scopes

Tactical rifle scopes are made for the best accuracy and performance in long-range shooting. Their illuminated reticles, high resolution optics, and long eye relief give shooters all they need to get on target fast and accurately.

The most common tactical scopes are:

  • Nightforce SHV 1-4x24mm Illuminated Reticle Riflescope. Great for multiple distances, this one has an illuminated reticle.
  • Bushnell AR Optics 4.5-18x40mm Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope. This scope uses Throw Down Power Change Technology so you can switch between 4.5x, 9x, 12x and 18x with one lever. Plus, it has an illuminated reticle for hunting.
  • Burris XTR II 8-40x50mm Long Range Riflescope. It provides precision and versatility for long range shooters. Plus, it has a special illuminated reticle system for seeing in day or night.

These rifle scopes make it easy to get accurate targets at long distances.

Long Range Scopes

When it comes to long-range shooting, you need a rifle scope. Long range scopes have features for experienced hunters. To hit targets accurately, these models may require adjustable parallax correction and illuminated reticles.

At the higher end, there are tactical and sniper scopes with holdover turrets and mil-dot reticles. On the other hand, there are budget scopes that are suitable for hunting or target shooting.

No matter the budget, there’s a long-range rifle scope for you! Some popular types include:

  • Tactical Scopes
  • Sniper Scopes
  • Variable Power Scopes
  • Fixed Power Scopes
  • Mil Dot Reticles
  • Illuminated Reticles

Features to Look For

Shop for rifle scopes? Consider the features! Get the best scope for your needs. Compare the features available. Look out for optical clarity and reticle design. Let's explore the features that make up the top rifle scopes. Upgrade your hunting game with the most innovative ones!

Let's explore the features that make up the top rifle scopes:

  • Optical Clarity
  • Reticle Design
  • Innovative Features


Magnification tells us how big an object will look when we use a rifle scope. It is an important factor to think about when buying one. Many hunters think bigger is better and choose high power ranges like 10X or 15X. In reality, 8X magnification is enough for close range hunting. For long range hunting, higher magnifications may be needed. But there are other features to consider before magnification, such as eye relief and FOV.

Eye relief is the distance between our eye and the ocular lens of the rifle scope. It should be at least 3”-4” to keep us safe from recoil injuries. FOV is how much space we can see through our optics. Lower magnifications have larger FOVs than higher magnifications. These are things to consider when getting a rifle scope.


A reticle is a part of a rifle scope. It is a grid of crossed wires or shapes in the window. It helps to tell range, windage and elevation. You can pick reticles with lights, outside changes for windage and elevation, and fixed power settings.

When choosing a reticle, think about its purpose. An illuminated reticle helps in low light and magnifies targets. A mil-dot reticle with passive ranging is good for long-distance shooting. A duplex or ballistic style is best for hunting or close range. Get a high quality reticle for a long time of use.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is a key part of rifle scopes. It's how far back your eye can be and still have a full view. This differs between scopes, so it's important to make sure the scope you're looking at has enough eye relief to view comfortably.

Variable power scopes have adjustable eye relief and stay in focus no matter what power setting is chosen. This gives a wider range of use, as the eyes can be comfortable and the power suited to shooting.

Some models even have fast-focus eyepiece rings. These allow for quick focus changes when in the field. Upgrading to a revolutionary scope with features such as adjustable eye relief and fast-focus eyepiece rings may be the best decision for improving hunting success.

Parallax Adjustment

Parallax adjustment is a must-have for any rifle scope. It helps to adjust image focus and reduce parallax errors. This makes it easier to hit the target.

Parallax is often seen on long range shots. Images can appear to float in front or behind the target, making accuracy hard. Variable magnification can also cause parallax due to less light hitting the sight, resulting in blurry visuals.

A good rifle scope should have side-to-side adjustment at any magnification setting. This ensures a clear and precise view, no matter the distance to the target.

Parallax adjustments are usually marked, indicating the reticle position. This can range from 50 yards to 500 yards or “S” (short range), “M” (mid-range) or “L” (long range).

Most scopes also have adjustable side focus screws that allow shooters to correct parallax without changing their point of aim when zooming in or out.


Pick a rifle scope that can cope with weather, terrain and recoil. Check the durability of its parts. Opt for a single-piece tube, strong yet lightweight, great for hunting trips. It should be adjustable for elevation and windage, for accuracy at different distances. Lens coatings are a must to maximize light transmission. Plus, it must be waterproof to protect against moisture and dust. Also, get tube coatings to stop corrosion and nitrogen or argon-purged to prevent fogging. Finally, make sure it has a lifetime warranty against defects.

Popular Rifle Scope Brands

Hunters need a reliable rifle scope for precise shooting. Technology advancements have allowed rifle scope makers to produce high-quality optics. Let's explore some popular brands and how they can upgrade your hunting skills.


Leupold is trusted! Since 1907, they have been making scopes for hunters, law enforcement and the military. Their products have state-of-the-art tech for amazing quality and accuracy.

  • VX-Freedom line has fog proof lenses, Twilight Max Light Management System, waterproof construction, and quick target acquisition.
  • Mark 5HD models have Hi-Lume MultiCoatings and exposed locking target turrets.
  • LTO Tracker Thermal Optic uses thermal tech for clarity even in total darkness.

All models come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, and it's transferable from one user to the next.


Vortex shines above the competition as a leader in the rifle scope market, renowned for its design and performance. Their array of scopes go from budget models to top-of-the-line competition grade models, with superior optics and innovative features.

Vortex offers a variety of choices – the Crossfire II series for basic riflescopes, and the Viper HS LR for advanced models. With Vortex, expect crystal clear glass quality, remarkable light transmission, rugged construction, plus functional designs and guaranteed performance, no matter the level of shooting.

Features to count on with any Vortex scope:

  • Precision zero stop turret caps ensure reliable adjustments;
  • Sunrise/sunset calculator;
  • Lens coating ensures clear visuals whatever the weather;
  • Various reticles;
  • Repeatable tracking for maximizing accuracy.

Many shooters around the world trust Vortex for their exceptional quality products, sure to meet your expectations.


Nikon is a top player in the sporting optics world. They make some of the best rifle scopes. Testing of their products is rigorous and they're designed to work in any situation when hunting or shooting.

Their Prostaff and Monarch series of scopes have something for everyone, from novice hunters to experienced marksmen. Their patented multicoating tech delivers clear sight pictures, even under low light. It also helps you use maximum magnification without losing accuracy or precision.

Rugged construction resists shaking and slippage, even with the heaviest caliber rounds. Waterproof seals keep out fog and moisture. For hunters who want serious equipment, Nikon is a great choice for your next rifle scope.


Bushnell is an esteemed name in the rifle scope industry. Established in 1948 and based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Bushnell has become one of the most trusted and dependable brands. Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Bushnell is always striving to improve their products through research and innovation.

Bushnell's selection of rifle scopes includes long range, tactical, and stock optics for all types of hunters. Their long-range optics offer up to 7x magnification and up to 15x with image stabilization technology for accurate shots at a distance. Bushnell's tactical rifle scopes have illuminated reticles, HD clarity, zero-reset turrets, and ED Prime glass lenses. The brand also has lightweight hunting models such as the 10x36mm Roof Prism – ideal for spotter situations!

Bushnell's tough exterior is ultra-durable and suitable for even lengthy hunts. You can trust Bushnell to make sure each shot is accurate and taken with confidence!


Rifle scopes have advanced significantly. They give hunters and sportsman more control when aiming. They also provide extra safety features.

Want a basic scope or the latest model? There are lots of brands that can meet your needs. Research and choose the correct scope to get quality gear and a major upgrade. This will take your hunting game to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What features do these rifle scopes have?

A: These rifle scopes feature high-resolution optics, the latest illumination technology, and an ergonomic design for maximum accuracy and comfort.

Q: How can these rifle scopes help improve my hunting game?

A: These rifle scopes provide a clear view of the target and increased accuracy, allowing you to make the most of your time out in the field.

Q: What kind of warranty do these rifle scopes come with?

A: These rifle scopes come with a limited one-year warranty.

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