Upgrade Your Shooting Game with HighPower Riflescopes The Choice of Professionals


Searching for a rifle scope to boost your shooting skills? High-power riflescopes could be an ideal choice. They offer an incredible level of detail, so shots are easier to take from far away. In this article, we'll explore the preferred option of professionals and the features that make high-power riflescopes so great.

Definition of a Riflescope

A riflescope, also known as a scope, is a device used on firearms. It gives a magnified view of the target and its surroundings. It is useful in low-light and helps with wind speed and direction. It offers higher magnification at greater distances than shorter-range optics.

It has an objective lens that intakes light from the target. This goes through an erector tube system, split by prisms or mirrors, and into the ocular lens. It then reaches your eye, forming a magnified image of the target. Scopes can have variable zoom settings for accurate far distance shooting. New features like illuminated reticles and ballistic turrets make them simpler to use in any lighting.

Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Power Riflescope

Upgrading to a high-powered riflescope is key for improving shooting accuracy and getting the most out of your prey. They have many benefits, like increased range and target acquisition, plus decreased weight.

These scopes offer more optical power than traditional ones and give enhanced image clarity and higher-resolution optics at any magnification. This gives shooters better control over accuracy. Adjustable parallax allows for better target viewing even at far distances.

A higher quality lens system increases durability and eliminates chromatic aberration, ensuring colors don't blur when shooting long-range. Coated lenses provide layers to reduce glare, increase light transmission, and improve image contrast. At the same time, they also provide scratch protection so the optics remain in optimal condition as long as possible.

High-power riflescopes are great for those improving their shooting game. For best results, combine them with high-quality products from trusted brands like Leupold® Optics or Nikon® Riflescopes.

Types of High-Power Riflescopes

Shooting? Get the right riflescope! High-powered ones deliver sharp images, fast targeting, and precision. There's mil-dot, parallax-free, and more. Let's dive in and check 'em out!

Fixed Magnification Riflescopes

Fixed Magnification Riflescopes offer a vivid, clear image. They cost less than variable power scopes. Zoom ratio is fixed. To change the viewpoint, you must adjust your position. These slim scopes have fewer parts and are less likely to misalign. They are well-suited for shooting under 250 yards, where little adjustment is needed. No extra features such as variable power keeps costs down.

These scopes are great for targeting specific locations at close distances due to constant field of view. This can increase accuracy in tricky situations. They also offer more light-gathering capabilities in low light. However, they are larger and heavier than adjustable magnification optics. So, they are better for hunting in semi-permanent shooting locations.

Variable Magnification Riflescopes

Variable magnification riflescopes are amazing. They come with multiple zoom levels; this helps you adapt to different shooting scenarios. Their power ranges from 5x to 62x, making them suitable for all sorts of shooting. The higher the power, the better resolution and clarity you get when aiming at long-distance targets.

Variable magnification riflescopes offer great versatility. You can use them for precision and accuracy on shots in various use cases. Many high-end models come with extra features like illuminated reticles for quicker target acquisition in low light and adjustable eye relief for a comfortable shooting experience.

Features to Consider When Choosing a High-Power Riflescope

If you're a shooter looking to up your game, a top-notch riflescope is the way to go. It's a pro's choice, and it helps you aim and shoot accurately. When picking one out, there are some things to consider. Here's the scoop!


Magnification is key when choosing a high-power riflescope. With 10x power, objects appear ten times closer. Scopes come with different magnifications, usually 2x to 20x or more. High magnification is crucial for long range shooting. Some scopes feature adjustable zoom, so you can adjust magnification in the field.

Clarity and light gathering are important too. Many types of scopes come in varying grades of quality, affecting image resolution and light transmission. Look for one that provides good clarity and brightness. High quality optics give sharper, clearer images.

Lighterweight scopes are easier to carry but may have less features. Heavier scopes come with features like parallax correction and target turrets, increasing accuracy in long range shooting. Make sure to weigh your options carefully before making a decision.


Reticles are essential when choosing a high-power riflescope. A reticle is an etched pattern of lines or crosshairs used to aim in a telescopic sight. Different manufacturers have different types of reticles. Mil-Dot, Plex, and BDC reticles are popular.

  • Mil-Dot reticles have dots along even intervals.
  • Plex reticles are thicker and bolder.
  • BDC reticles have specific aiming points for bullet trajectories.

Ask your retailer which type fits your style and budget. Make sure to use the scope safely and enjoyably.

Objective Lens Diameter

Objective lens diameter is important when picking a high-power riflescope. Bigger lenses let in more light and offer greater magnification. This means clearer images and better target acquisition at longer ranges. Also, the distance between your eye and the ocular lenses gets bigger. This means a wider field of view (FOV) for different shooting scenarios. The FOV becomes more important as you increase power levels.

Generally, 40mm lenses are good for tactical shooting and 50mm lenses are good for long range hunting in low light.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance from your face to the ocular lens of a riflescope. It's essential when selecting one. High levels of eye relief will guard your face from bruises or injury when you shoot. Pro shooters often prefer 15mm or higher for safety and comfort. With high-power riflescopes, 15mm or more of eye relief is suggested for protection.

Also, always wear protective eyewear when shooting powerful weapons like rifles and handguns.

Parallax Adjustment

Parallax adjustment is a must for high-power rifle scopes. Parallax is the distance where two crosshairs converge when looking through the scope. Most scopes have this feature – either set it to auto-adjust or manually adjust it. This helps to make sure the crosshairs are correctly aligned.

Manually adjusting the parallax on a paper target is simple if you know which direction to turn the reticle. Once set, it should stay the same until the shooting conditions change.

Some scopes have auto-adjustment mode. This makes aiming at different distances easier and quicker. You don't have to guess if the reticle is aligned with your target or not.

Popular High-Power Riflescope Brands

High-power rifle scopes are great for those who want to take their shooting to the next level. They can also be helpful for professionals. With a higher magnification, accuracy and consistency will improve.

Here are some of the most popular brands of high-power rifle scopes:


Since 1907, Leupold has been producing top-tier scopes. They specialize in precision. Leupold scopes are designed to give pinpoint accuracy. The military, law enforcement and competitive shooters all over the globe love them.

Leupold's line of riflescopes offers classic and modern designs. You can choose from a variety of ranges, magnifications and power levels. Their Mark 5HD models are great for long range shooting. They provide edge-to-edge clarity and side parallax focus capabilities.

Hunters can go for Leopold's VX Freedom. It comes with multi-coated lenses and water proof features, to help you stay on target.


Vortex Optics are trusted amongst shooters, both recreational and professional. Their products are reliable and durable, with top-notch optical performance. Their rifle scopes are made for both target shooting and hunting. They have been chosen by armed forces all around the world.

The Razor HD series is award-winning for its high-performance optics and HD clarity, providing sharp image resolution and generous eye relief. It also features optical coatings, tactical ranging reticles and exposed turrets with locking features to reset zero. Magnification powers range from 4x to 27x, making it super flexible. Vortex has a VIP warranty so you’re never left behind if any damage occurs.


Bushnell is a top choice for high-power riflescopes. It is an American optics company which has been making quality scopes for a long time. Not only does Bushnell provide great image clarity and accuracy, but their scopes are also designed for precision shooting in different environments.

One popular model is the Elite 3200 3-9x40mm. It has multi-coated optics for clear images and 4 inches of eye relief. As well as this, the scope has a wide 50 ft tube length, giving a large field of view.

The Elite 6500 4-30x50mm scope is perfect for varmint hunting and long-distance target shooting. It has a side focus parallax adjustment system and ¼ MOA click adjustments. It is accurate up to 1/10 inches at 100 yards – ideal for hunting trips!


Nikon is an iconic brand in optics. It's been a favourite for serious sports shooters and hunters since 1925. Their riflescopes are renowned, with features like extra-low dispersion glass for best resolution and clarity. Fully multi-coated lenses deliver maximum light. Plus, the durable shockproof construction offers a lifetime of use. They're nitrogen-purged for waterproof performance.

Hand-turn reticles have MOA adjustments for accurate shots at long-range targets. Nikon's EDG (Extra Low Dispersion Glass) models let you hit 1/8 MOA targets from 300 yards away – even in low light.

If you're after an accurate and long-lasting riflescope, Nikon should be top of your list.


A high-power riflescope can be a valuable asset for any shooter. Professionals prefer them because of their precision and accuracy in long-distance shooting.

Depending on your goals and usage, you may need different types. Fixed power, variable power, and tactical scopes are all great options for quality lenses and advanced features to help you hit your target.

Investing in a good one may be the difference between success or failure in shooting, no matter the distance. But, it still takes practice with the right technique to truly master this skill. Having a reliable scope of solid construction is an added bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do I need to consider when upgrading my shooting game with high-power riflescopes?

A1: When upgrading your shooting game with a high-power riflescope, it is important to consider the type of reticle, the magnification range, the objective lens diameter, the eye relief, the field of view, the weight and the weatherproofing.

Q2: What type of reticle is best for use with a high-power riflescope?

A2: The type of reticle that is best for use with a high-power riflescope depends on the type of shooting you will be doing. For long-range shooting, a mil-dot or a BDC reticle is ideal, whereas for close-range shooting, a duplex or crosshair reticle is more suitable.

Q3: What is the difference between a mil-dot and a BDC reticle?

A3: A mil-dot reticle is a type of reticle that has evenly spaced dots along the horizontal and vertical axes. These dots are used to measure distances and make corrections for windage and elevation. A BDC reticle is a type of reticle that has a series of distinct circles or dots that are used to indicate the point of impact at various distances.

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