Get the Edge in Combat with These Top Tactical Rifle Scopes


Hunters and gun fans need the right rifle scope. It can be the difference between success or failure. Tactical rifle scopes are special. They have features like reticles for different weather, construction to reduce recoil and more magnification.

Do your research to get the best scope for your needs and budget. Here is a guide to help you decide.

  • Features for long-range accuracy,
  • tough construction for heavy recoil,
  • and more.

Here are some recommendations for good tactical rifle scopes.

Types of Tactical Rifle Scopes

Tactical rifle scopes are essential for combat. They act like the eyes of a shooter. Magnifying the target and increasing accuracy is their job!

There are various types of tactical rifle scopes available. These range from basic red dot sights to more advanced high power scopes. Let's explore the types and their features!

Red Dot Sights

Red dot sights are often called reflex optics. They are used for rifles with a caliber of .223 or higher and provide short-range targeting. Red dot sights don't have magnification, so you have a wide field of view and can quickly target. They use a red dot or reticle projected onto the lens for aiming.

Some red dot sights have fixed brightness settings, while others have variable brightness settings. These variable settings adjust to the light around you. Advanced red dot sights also come with features like battery backups, motion sensors and multiple reticles.

Red dot sights are small and lightweight, making them perfect for low-profile setups. They also make it easy to shoot from strange angles. Red dot sights can be accurate up to 200 meters.

Competitive shooters and hunters like red dot sights because they don't require eye relief at close distances. Red dot scopes offer versatility and accuracy without the extra weight and cost of magnified optics.

Prism Scopes

Prism scopes are ideal for tactical use. They are designed with exacting standards and offer exactness and accuracy. An internal optical prism ensures the target image is upright, not reversed, and offers more mobility.

These scopes are lighter than tube scopes, so they're perfect for those who need to keep their rifle light. Sharp images of the target are easy to adjust for lighting or distance. This is super important in tactical scenarios where accuracy is vital.

Prism scopes don't usually have the zoom range of traditional scopes, but they do have brighter and clearer images, and faster reticle adjustments for moving targets. Popular brands include:

  • Vortex Optics Strike Eagle
  • Sig Sauer Whiskey 3
  • Trijicon VCOG

Variable Power Scopes

Variable power scopes are a hit among shooters. They contain an adjustable magnification lens which can be altered between a minimum and maximum. Typical range settings are 2-8x, 3-9x or 4-12x.

This permits snipers to choose between close-up and distant shots. The upside of variable scopes is that they provide wider viewing angles. Perfect for hunting, target shooting and combat. Also, they use less muscle strength than fixed scopes. Unfortunately, they are pricier and harder to learn. Moreover, excessive zooming can cause shaky images from image blur.

Famous models of variable scopes include:

  • NightForce 5-22 x 56 ATACR Riflescope for precision shooting.
  • UUQ 4-16x50mm Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope for mid-long range shots.
  • Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Sight for low light conditions.
  • Bushnell Illuminated rifle scope with 5X magnification for dark days.

Features to Consider

Shopping for tactical rifle scopes? Consider these features: maximum accuracy, proper eye relief, improved image clarity and zoom/parallax. We'll explain these features in detail.

To pick the right scope for your tactical rifle, you must know what to look for:

  • Maximum accuracy
  • Proper eye relief
  • Improved image clarity
  • Zoom/parallax


Searching for the perfect tactical rifle scope? Magnification is a must-have. Two types exist: fixed and variable magnifications.

  • Fixed magnifications stay at the same power level. For example, if the scope has a fixed 8x magnification, it won't change until you adjust it with your hands to another setting.
  • Variable magnification is great for tactical scopes. It allows you to adjust your view without having to make any changes to the rifle. It's flexible and dynamic – you can adjust the magnification depending on how far away the target is. These scopes usually come with ranges like 4-16x or 2-7x, so you can choose the right magnification for the distance.


When selecting a rifle scope, one major factor is the reticle. It's an aiming guide inside the scope's view. There are plenty of reticle options on the market.

Duplex reticles have a thicker bottom line that thins out from the center. It has posts on the sides of the hub. This type helps quickly locate targets.

Mil-dot reticles have intersecting lines outside the hub or circle. These are great for long distances with elevation and wind speed changes. You can use them with a rangefinding system to predict distance and make accurate shots even far away. Plus, they often come with illuminated electronic or tritium components to make them brighter and easier to see at night.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is a must-have when it comes to choosing a tactical rifle scope. It's the distance between your eye and the rear of the scope that gives you a full view. This varies with the rifle and ammo. 3-4″ eye relief is good for most rifles.

When shopping for a scope, check out the length and shape. Longer scopes have better optics but may not fit if you have limited space or a recoil-heavy gun. Reticle design is important too; complex reticles need more space for contrast. FOV also affects eye relief. Finding the right balance of these factors will give you maximum performance in any environment.


Durability should be a top priority when selecting a tactical rifle scope. Ensure the scope is made of high-quality materials that can handle the intensity of tactical operations and frequent use. Look for features such as sealed tubes, rubberized lens covers, and shock-proof construction. Additionally, make sure it is waterproof and can resist fogging, UV exposure, sand, dust, and extreme temperatures.

Anodized aluminum construction is preferred as it provides strength and corrosion resistance. See if the manufacturer offers a warranty and repair services too, as it indicates their commitment to a reliable product.

Popular Tactical Rifle Scopes

Combat situations require the correct tactical rifle scope. Designed to provide military-grade optics and accuracy, these scopes are ideal. Let's take a look at some of the most popular rifle scopes. Why are they the best choice for your next combat mission?

Trijicon ACOG

The Trijicon ACOG is a riflescope with a fixed power. It has an illuminated reticle pattern, making it useful in different lighting conditions and improving target acquisition and hit potential. It has fiber optics and tritium powering its reticle.

The ACOG is available in 4×32, 4×32 BAC, 3.5×35, 6×48 and 8×56 configurations. It has dial back illumination controls for flexibility and superior optics and performance. It is one of the most popular tactical rifle scopes and is very rugged. It meets military standards for shock, fogging, and water resistance and is ready for any mission.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight

The EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight is a rugged tactical rifle scope with an adjustable aluminum alloy housing and integrated Picatinny rail mounting system. You can adjust the diopter to match your eyesight with the reticle for quick target acquisition. It has four sighting points: one for close range and three for long-range shooting.

The reticle offers a center dot and 65 MOA circumference aiming circle with illuminated dials. The dials allow you to quickly zero in on targets up close or far away. Waterproof seals protect the optics in extreme weather conditions.

This sight offers excellent accuracy up to 600 yards and beyond. It's perfect for all skill levels, from hunting to CQB. The windage and elevation knobs allow you to make quick adjustments. You can increase the power for broader spectrums of range or smooth out trajectories for longer shots.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle

The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is a popular tactical riflescope. It has advanced brightness, multi-coated lenses and low-profile turrets, allowing quick adjustments in the field.

This scope also comes with an illuminated reticle for user-friendly efficiency. It has adjustable magnification from 1X – 6X and an adjustable objective lens that nullifies parallax error. Plus, it has front focal plane reticle technology to stay accurate at close and long distances.

The vari-speed power ring provides consistent increments. It has seven illumination settings and twelve levels of zoom. The solid construction ensures durability, making it ideal for training or operation.

All these features make the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle an excellent all-in-one solution for tactical riflescope needs.

Bushnell AR Optics

Bushnell AR Optics line is very popular for tactical rifle scopes. These scopes offer many features that make them ideal for tactical applications. Illuminated reticles come in red or green and are powered by one CR2032 battery. They also have either 4x or 6x magnification levels. The lenses are scratch resistant and provide clear visuals even in direct sunlight. Additionally, they are waterproof and nitrogen-purged for fogproof performance.

The Bushnell AR Optics line has many unique options. An example is the 1-4×24 TMR Riflescope, which lets you switch from close range to mid-range without losing clarity. It has an 11 brightness level Multi-X Reticle for easy target acquisition. Other great options include the 3-9×40 Mil Dot Reticle Riflescope, 6-18 Mil Dot Reticle Riflescope and more. All have special attributes suited to your shooting needs.

Investing in Bushnell AR Optics rifle scope means top quality equipment to get an edge in any environment.


When choosing a tactical rifle scope, think about your needs. Look at the features each scope has. Magnification power, tube diameter, coating type, reticle design, eye relief distance, zero stop capability, and field of view might be important. Also, remember to think about your budget and lifestyle.

Of all the models on the market, there are some that stand out. Hopefully this guide has given you info to help you decide which tactical rifle scope to buy:

  • Magnification power
  • Tube diameter
  • Coating type
  • Reticle design
  • Eye relief distance
  • Zero stop capability
  • Field of view

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the benefits of using a tactical rifle scope?

A1: Tactical rifle scopes offer a variety of benefits, including improved accuracy, greater precision, improved range of view, and quicker target acquisition.

Q2: What should I consider when selecting a tactical rifle scope?

A2: You should consider the type of rifle you are using, the type of terrain you will be shooting in, and the distance you will be shooting. Additionally, it is important to consider the magnification, eye relief, lens coating, and reticle type of the scope.

Q3: How do I mount my tactical rifle scope?

A3: It is important to ensure that your rifle is securely mounted before mounting your scope. To mount the scope, you will need to use a set of rings to attach the scope to the rifle. Once the rings are in place, the scope should be centered and aligned with the rifle.

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