Why Large Objective Lens Scopes are the Perfect Investment for Your Hunting Needs

Do you want to make your hunting skills better? Get yourself a scope with a big objective lens – perfect for long range shooting and good visibility. It has amazing features, making it ideal for upgrading your hunting game. Invest in it now and find out why!


Nailing precision with a rifle is vital, especially when hunting or shooting targets. To up accuracy, invest in a top-notch scope with a big objective lens. Though these scopes may be pricier than small ones, they offer advantages that make the extra cost worth it.

This article dives deep into why large objective lens scopes are the perfect fit for hunting.

Benefits of Using Large Objective Lens Scopes

Large objective lens scopes are a great investment for hunting enthusiasts. They yield greater light-gathering capability, which aids visibility in dark settings. Additionally, the amplified magnifying power helps recognize distant targets with accuracy.

Furthermore, these scopes are built to last. Boasting a rugged design, they withstand any outdoor activity – be it rough terrain hunting or long-range shooting. Plus, a multi-layer anti-reflective coating eliminates glare and light scattering while boosting clarity.

Any hunter can benefit from a large objective lens scope. This investment will bolster successful hunts by furnishing superior optics!

Types of Large Objective Lens Scopes

Picking the right large-objective lens scope for you involves many factors. Binoculars come in three types: straight through, angled, and zoom. All offer their own perks for hunters.

  • Straight Through: Light enters, passes through lenses in a straight line, and reaches the eyepiece at the same angle. That creates a flat image, great for scanning medium-long distances. Perfect for bow hunting from a still spot, or scanning big areas from a hill or tower.
  • Angled: Light enters at an angle, bent by prisms before reaching the eyepiece. This is adjustable to your eye level. Best for tracking prey through nearby forests/hillsides, as they provide more stability and less neck strain when looking up.
  • Zoom: Variable power with dual adjustable lenses. Magnifications 7x-12x based on specs. Great for exploring environments, tracking moving targets, stargazing, and astronomy.

How to Choose the Right Scope for Your Hunting Needs

Choosing the right scope for hunting is key. The size of the objective lens affects light passing through to your eyes and the clarity and brightness of the image you see. Generally, larger lenses give more brightness, clarity and accuracy at long distances. So, it's best to select one with a large objective lens.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Type of reticle
  • High quality tube with sealed components
  • Magnification
  • Eye relief

Large-objective lens scopes provide excellent performance and accuracy at great distances. Plus, they let in more light for low light conditions, making them perfect for hunting during dawn or dusk.

How to Properly Mount and Sight in a Scope

Mounting and sighting in a scope correctly is important for accuracy and safety. Here are the steps to do it properly for a large objective lens scope:

  1. Mount the Scope: Choose rings that fit your gun. No gaps should be between the base and turrets of the rifle for accurate measurements. Make sure all screws are tightened, not too tight though.
  2. Apply Loctite: For extra security, apply Loctite on each screw before tightening them. This prevents screws from becoming loose during recoil.
  3. Boresight Scope: Adjust elevation caps until crosshairs appear aligned with point of aim when illuminated through firearm’s bore.
  4. Sight-in Rifle: Head to a range to use precision equipment like laser bore sighters or universal rocks. Use the Accumax auto target system to eliminate guess work when sighting rifles in at longer distances. Variable scopes with Range Finding Reticles and illuminated red dots will provide clear understanding of target builds.

How to Maintain a Scope for Long-Term Use

A scope is a must for any hunter. It's an investment that can last a long time with proper maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your scope in top shape:

  • Clean regularly. Remove debris, dust and residues from clothing. This will ensure a clear view in dim light.
  • Check alignment. Make sure the mount and parts are securely connected to the gun or bow. Keep a record of rounds fired at different ranges.
  • Store and transport safely. Leave space between the lenses and barrels when transporting. Use cases designed for scopes. This will keep dust particles out and cushion potential impacts.
  • Recoil protection. Use spring guards to take up shockwave when firing. This will protect internal components from strong undertows caused by recoil vibration.

Tips for Using a Scope for Hunting

Utilizing a scope to boost your hunting accuracy and precision can be a great way to upgrade your hunting experience. A large objective lens scope can offer more light than the average rifle scope, providing greater visibility and clarity of your target while also cutting back chromatic aberration. Invest in a quality large objective lens scope and get clear and bright images.

In addition to improving accuracy, using a large objective lens scope involves some essential tips for any successful hunt. Follow these tips for a safer and better hunt:

  • Research: Learn the basics and figure out which gear is best for a particular situation.
  • Practice: Switch distances often when practicing to become familiar with different scenarios.
  • Mounting: Securely mount the rifle before starting any hunt so it stays steady when you take a shot.
  • Positioning: Sit comfortably with enough clearance between yourself and the rifle’s barrel to not block its aim.
  • Safety: Check safety precautions when setting up or changing scopes to guarantee everyone’s safety in your hunting party.


A quality hunting rifle scope? Size and type of objective lens matter. Choose large objective lens scopes for crystal clear images and minimal image distortion. Durable and superior performance in various light conditions. An excellent investment for serious hunters, no matter budget or preferences.

Large objectives lenses are perfect for hunting. Unparalleled clarity and brightness. You will be ready to take down any target.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes large objective lens scopes the perfect investment for hunting needs?

A: Large objective lens scopes are the perfect investment for hunting needs because they offer sharper and brighter images, improved low light performance, and wider fields of view. They also provide greater accuracy and longer range shots.

Q: How can a large objective lens scope improve my hunting experience?

A: A large objective lens scope can improve your hunting experience by providing you with a clearer view of the target, better accuracy, and longer range shots. It also offers improved low light performance, allowing you to hunt in dim light conditions.

Q: What is the recommended size of a large objective lens scope?

A: The recommended size of a large objective lens scope is 50 mm to 56 mm. This size offers the best combination of performance and price.

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